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What sets Redstar Training Centre apart from the rest?

Redstar is a clean and modern facility fully equipped with the highest quality gear. We have a high quality weights gym and cardio equipment. We also have an Altitude training room for the athlete that wants to increase their cardiovascular and endurance. We run a professional Muay Thai Kickboxing Centre for the whole family.

We work with your skill level – beginner to advanced and anything in between. We will taylor your training to suit your needs and requirements. From fitness and weightloss to strength and conditioning and technique and skills we can help you. Our trainers offer nutritional guidance, meal preparation and planning advice to help you reach your goals in the kitchen as well.

At Redstar every training session is different to the last one, so you wont feel like your doing the same thing each week.
We have hundreds of drills and combination routines that keep your training interesting so you definitely won’t get bored with the workout. We integrate Muay Thai Kickboxing combinations with resistance and cardio exercises in a way that push you to get the results you want. Our round-by-round routines target the whole body, kick-start your metabolism, and teach you Muay Thai Kickboxing skills at the same time.

Class numbers are capped to guarantee quality of training and to avoid over-crowding. This ensures that we pay close attention to all class participants, have time to answer questions and help everyone individually.

At Redstar training Centre we pride ourselves on attention to technique, skill, fitness and nutrition.

If your looking for the next level in your training or just want a great workout call us, or drop in at Redstar Training Centre.

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