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Taking 35% body fat

Down to 12%

Eat More Clean Foods, Drink More Water, Increase Vitamin D, Up The Intensity, Spice Up Your Food, Go Green Tea.

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High Intensity Interval


Burn More Fat, Improve Cardiovascular Health, Increase Metabolism & Loose Weight Not Muscle. For an Effective HIIT Workout Ask Us At RedStar Training Centre!

Power Up with Functional

Strength & Conditioning

Functional exercises condition your body to move more efficiently in real life activities. Develop a strong, lean, ripped body with mobility, core stability, balance and strength.

Fabulous Fitness


Kickboxing helps improve your core strength & tones your whole body. It sharpens your reflexes and increases your flexibility for overall health. Get out of your comfort zone & kickbox your way to a new toned body.

Eat Clean

Stay Lean

Set your goals and challenge yourself every day! Your mental, physical & nutritional effort will grow you as a person.

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Training - Fitness - Strength

RedStar Training Centre is a specialised Athlete Performance Centre

RedStar Training Centre specialises in Muay Thai Kickboxing, Functional Strength and Conditioning and Altitude Training for all Athletes located in Royal Park, South Australia.

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Our Trainers

Experience + Skill

  • Simon
    Age: 41
    Rank: Muay Thai/Kickboxing Trainer
  • Vinnie
    Age: 30
    Rank: Strength & Conditioning Trainer
  • Tina
    Age: 32
    Rank: Womens Kickboxing Trainer
  • Nikita
    Age: 32
    Rank: Personal Trainer, Bodybuilding, Strength, Fitness Training
  • Andrew
    Age: 40
    Rank: Boxing & Self Defence Coach

Our Classes

small but focused

Do you want a training session that pushes you past your limits, builds your strength, extends your endurance and tones your whole body? A Personal Training session is what your after! Personal Training can be one on one or you can train with a friend. Learn more about yourself and your abilities and take your fitness to new heights.

In our Mixed Muay Thai/Kickboxing Classes men and women train together and learn the style and techniques of true Muay Thai and Kickboxing. You will build core strength and endurance while gaining an appreciation for Martial Arts.

Tina is one of Redstar's own female fighters. With an amazing arsenal of skills, Tina teaches our womens only Kickboxing class. It is designed to run when there is a minimal male presence in the gym. This is to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for women to train in. In these classes you will learn the skill and technique of Muay Thai/Kickboxing and the importance of warming up and stretching. You will be pushed to reach new levels in your fitness, while toning and strengthening your whole body. Womens class is fun and non-intimidating and caters for all levels of fitness, it is a good place to start your fitness journey.

Andrew is our Boxing Trainer and he has been fully certified in Australia to teach Boxing. These classes are run on Saturday mornings, which is a great way to start your weekend. You will learn correct Boxing technique, footwork, slipping and ducking and weaving techniques, as well as gain agility. It is a great physical class that works the whole body in a fun team environment.

Strength & Conditioning classes are run by Vinnie. The focus is on Functional Strength Training and a mix of High Intensity and Aerobic Fitness. You will use kettlebells, free weights, ropes, body weight exercises and much more. All of which will increase explosive power, core strength and all round conditioning with an emphasis on hard work, correct technique and mobility.


Training in a higher Altitude helps deliver more oxygen to the working muscles and remove waste product more effectively and efficiently than before. The result is an increase in performance and endurance. To learn more about altitude training and the benefits it can have on your fitness speak with the friendly staff at the RedStar Training Centre.

These classes are designed to build confidence and teach discipline & respect. They will gain a passion for fitness and health while keeping active and motivated. Your child will learn the skill and technique of Muay Thai/Kickboxing and the importance of warming up and stretching. We also encouraged them to participate in team games and attend some of the seminars offered at RedStar Training Centre.

Kids and youth kickboxing classes run along side the school term and take holidays in conjunction with the school term.

1 session per week - full term - $150
2 sessions per week - full term - $250
Kids and youth kickboxing personal training is also available at $50 for 45 mins

Kids kickboxing is for 5 to 10 year olds and is a 40 minute class Monday and Wednesday from 4:00pm - 4:40pm
Youth kickboxing is for 10 to 15 year olds and is a 1 hour class Monday and Wednesday from 4:45pm - 5:45pm

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